Handground coffee grinder review: Is this the One for You?

handground coffee grinder review

For people who have the ambition to choose a brilliant hand coffee grinder, our Handground coffee grinder review will help you tons. From a change of some of the most exquisite coffee makers, the Handground coffee grinder is one amazing one.

Talking about the Handground coffee grinder it was the child of Daniel Vitiello and Brandon Warman who had the desire to make a manual coffee grinder.

Fast track into the year 2019, we are up all-ready to give you an exciting Handground coffee grinder review.

Let’s go through the breakdown of the Handground coffee grinder where we will discuss each and everything about this amazing product.

Handground coffee grinder review – Get to Know Every Single Detailing

Handground coffee grinde

Out of every coffee maker available in the market, Handground is a beautifully crafted coffee maker. It’s easier to use and with the availability of some extraordinary features, you won’t resist choosing this coffee maker.

  • 100g Bean Chamber

Most of the coffee makers have a small open chamber where they grind the coffee beans. However, when we talk about the Handground coffee grinder, it has taken chamber game to the next level.

With the storage capacity of 100 grams, you can store large amounts of coffee beans at a single time. 

Thereafter, a large cup of espresso can be made making people happier with a cup of delicious coffees.

  • Added Measurements

Right at the side of Handground coffee grinder, you will see different tick marks present. Roughly, the tick marks measure 10 grams of coffee beans which is a good thing altogether.

In any case, whenever the scale is not available, this feature can come handy for measurement. 

Also, for travellers and campers, choosing Handground coffee grinder is a better option as they can measure to make coffees with a lot more precision.

  • An offering of a Side Crank

Dreaming about the most ergonomic feature of Handground coffee grinder? Well, it’s none other than the Side Crank.

We know most coffee grinders miss this feature but with Handground coffee grinder, this is one major highlight.

Unlike other coffee grinders who have their crank on the top, this coffee grinder enables the same on the side. This offers greater natural movement whereas this is the feature we loved to the core.

  • 40mm Conical Ceramic Burr Mill

Whether you are looking to choose from Automatic grinders to manual ones, quality grinders make use of ceramic burrs.

Well, with Handground coffee grinder, the grinder makes use of a tough ceramic burr.

In our opinions, the ceramic coffee grinders offer better performance and can run for years without giving issues.

According to the company, the burrs are specially designed for matching the speed and the torque for better grinding.

Also, using a conical Ceramic Burr can help to slow the speed of hand grinding that can maintain consistency without an issue.

  • Stainless Steel Triple Axle

With the availability of the Stainless Steel Triple Axle feature, you can cleanly maintain the consistency of the beans crushed. 

Every bean will be finer whereas the axle helps prevent wobble during the grinding process.

  • Availability of a Rubber Pad

Visualizing right at the bottom of the Handground coffee grinder, you will find a Rubber pad. 

Using the rubber pad, you can minimize the hard work and strength you put in to grind the coffee beans.

With a rubber pad, the coffee grinder adheres to the surface making the grinding process much easier and stress-free.

  • Separate Components

Almost every single part of the Handground coffee grinder can be disassembled. This is fantastic stuff which makes the entire cleaning process, the simplest.

So, what you need to do? Just use a wet cloth and clean the entire coffee grinder. Or else, if you want more effective cleaning, warm the water, use a brush and start your cleaning process.

Eventually, cleaning of Handground coffee grinder will not take more than 5 minutes.

 Either case, you can also some sorts of cleaning chemicals if you want a more shiny look on your coffee grinder.

  • Pre-included Brew Chart

Coming with a brew chart is an amazing thing with the Handground coffee grinder. It’s a handy feature where even if you are not an expert, you can grind coffees to perfection using this coffee maker.

All in all, the Brew Chart signifies information about the brewing method, water, coffee, grind settings, and measurement marks.

Considering every possible above data, you can grind coffees to a level of perfection that can be loved by coffee fanatics.

  • Durability

The toughness of Handground coffee grinder review is on the higher side. Well, the type of materials used to make this coffee maker has been tried and tested before manufacturing.

Whether you talk about the class, aluminium parts used or the Ceramic Axle, each of those has a longer durability life.

On top of that, the company also offers some good years of manufacturer warranty. 

Therefore, in case of any failure to the Handground coffee grinder, they will repair the same.


  • Pretty simple to set up and start grinding coffees.
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable and easy to use.
  • Grinds at greater pace without any extra effort necessary.
  • The particle size distribution is consistent compared to other brands.
  • Made from high-quality materials such as brushed ceramic, aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Design is beautiful and aesthetic.


  • Slightly taller than other portable hand grinders.

Final Word of Mouth

Among different hand coffee grinders available in the market, we found the Handground coffee grinder has one of the best ones.

Yes, the manual coffee grinder boasts of some extraordinary features whereas the availability of ceramic axle is a major highlight.

Apart from that, it’s quite easy to use and doesn’t require any fancy skills to grind coffees in the Handground coffee grinder. Whether you have a Chemex, french press, Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine, drip machine, Bonavita bv1900ts coffee maker, Moka pot, or anything else this hand coffee grinder gets a setting for you.

From our end, we have tried our best to give you an informative yet exciting Handground coffee grinder review.

Altogether, we know you love to drink coffees where if you have read the review, you are all set to buy such a marvellous coffee grinder, right after reading this article.

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