Breville Oracle Review: The Best Hybrid Coffee Maker in 2020?


Breville is no stranger to innovation whereas the company has made some of the best coffee brewers available in the market. Constantly, they accept the challenges and after a series of hard work, their Breville Oracle finally came into existence. Yes, in this article, we will be giving you an in-depth yet amazing Breville Oracle review.

The Breville Oracle espresso machine is no exception whereas it comes with the whole set of exciting features. You say and the feature will be present on this machine to make a brilliant cup of coffee.

Still thinking? The Breville Oracle thins the line between semi-automatic brewer and the super-automatic one. This is a hybrid machine and the one for which all the coffee lovers were waiting for.

Let’s check out some of the best features of Breville Oracle coffee brewer right in this exciting article.

Breville Oracle review: Detailed Review with Pros & Cons

Breville Oracle

Even if you are fond of the semi-automatic coffee brewers, looking at the Breville Oracle will vanish all your thoughts.

This coffee maker is one of the rare ones to come with a combination of a semi-automatic and fully automatic coffee machine.

Hence, whether you need to make coffees manually or leave it all at the machine, Breville Oracle is the lone choice.

  • Innovation at its Best

If you are thinking using Breville Oracle is a tough choice, you might be wrong in this case. With this coffee maker, you don’t need any sorts of skills. The engineers have worked hard enough to make the brewing process easy with a set of some stunning innovations.

Altogether, the Breville Oracle eliminates the pain point where it streamlines almost every coffee-making process.

With this, you can get much control over your coffee-making process and also get the option to automate the brewing features.

  • Auto Coffee Grinding Capability

The very first thing you will notice about the coffee maker is that it comes with a built-in coffee grinder (same as Gaggia Brera).

Well, the benefits? The burr coffee grinder helps to grind large amounts of coffee just with the press of a button.

With this, you will get consistent fine coffee where you can even adjust the settings to suit your type of coffee taste.

  • Auto-Coffee Tamping

Yet another feature and the Auto-Coffee tamping will come into the spotlight. Yes, with Breville Oracle, you get a fully automatic coffee tamping mechanism. This mechanism automatically tamps coffee straight into the portafilter.

Thereafter, you will get the exact same pressure forced right on the coffee each time you brew it.

Altogether, this will keep the coffee brewing process on a smoother scale each time you brew the coffees.

  • Auto-Milk Frothing

Since the Breville Oracle is a hybrid coffee maker, the term “AUTO” has been the major highlight in this Breville Oracle review.

Next comes the Auto-milk frothing mechanism which is one of the most interesting aspects of Breville Oracle coffee maker.

What’s new? This coffee maker comes with two settings and you can choose between the auto and manual functions.

In auto mode, the machine will froth the milk on an automatic basis. This is best suited for beginners who don’t have tons of skills for brewing coffees.

However, if you are the type of person who likes to take full control over your coffee brewer, choosing a manual option is the best choice.

  • Auto-Espresso Extraction

Not every machine offers a pre-programmed extraction and that is where the Breville Oracle runs ahead of the competition.

Altogether, the coffee maker allows you to have manual control over the extraction process.

Hence, with the combination of automatic features along with manual ones, you can create mouth-watering coffees in quick time

Yes! By now, you must have understood that the Breville Oracle coffee machine is a true hybrid in any case.

  • The Taste of Coffee

The Breville Oracle is a world-class coffee maker but how does the coffee taste?

In one word: Delicious.

Yes, all thank goes to the engineers who worked really hard to make such a wonderful coffee maker.

Right from brewing coffees in the early morning to make them at late nights, the Breville Oracle offers consistent taste coffees.

Also, a special thanks go to the coffee maker’s dual boiler system. It helps to keep coffee hot for a long time whereas temperature control helps regulate the coffees.

Breville Oracle review: Should You Buy the Breville Oracle?

Basically, if you are tired of using the semi-automatic machine or even the fully automatic one, choosing Breville Oracle can be a one brilliant choice.

Yes, the machine has given it all on the table whereas you can switch from manual to automatic coffee brewing modes.

As the review says, “AUTO” has become the signature word for Breville Oracle as the machine delivers tons of automatic functions.

On top of that, if you are a skilled person and want to brew coffees your way, the coffee maker has got the same too.

Also, the toughness of Breville Oracle is beyond words as the machine uses stainless steel support.

What’s more? Having the manufacturer warranty is a blessing whereas you can simply call the support service center in case of an issue. 

As per the reviews, the customer support from Breville Oracle is quick and hassle-free too.

Hence, considering each of the above features and points, Our Opinion is a clear “Yes” to buy the Breville Oracle coffee machine.


  • Automatic Tamping, Extraction, Grinding and Steaming support.
  • Good Coffee brewer for beginners and advanced who love to brew delicious coffees.
  • It comes with a dual boiler and an integrated grinder for faster and streamlined brewing.


  • The price is a little bit on the expensive side.


Summarizing the entire article, we hope you have gone through the entire useful yet exciting Breville Oracle review.

Indeed, this coffee maker is a revolutionary one that offers duality in its functions. Like to brew coffees manually or let the coffee maker do the job, the Breville Oracle espresso machine is an inevitable one.

Thinking to buy Breville Oracle coffee brewer? Well, you can re-read the reviews and then make your decision.

All in all, we know you are dying to get hot tasty coffee in a jiffy. It’s a Yes from us and all you are left with is to purchase this marvelous coffee maker, as early as possible.


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