Top Picks for Best Moka Pots: 7 Leading Brands Reviewed

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The Moka pot has been called by many different names; percolator, Italian stove-top coffee maker, stove-top espresso maker, Bialetti, and caffettiera, as Italians call the humble pot. But no matter how you call this amazing Moka pot coffee maker, more coffee fanatics find this small container a good way in making excellent coffee.

That’s why we would like to show you some of the best Moka pots designed to give coffee connoisseurs the best value for their money. These stove-top espresso maker reviews will be your leeway in choosing the perfect ‘Italian’ Moka pot for your desired coffee brew without incapacitating your wallet.

So, better read this article in its entirety.

What is a Moka Pot?

Do you know why Moka pots are sometimes called Bialetti? You will soon find out, read on!

The Moka pot coffee maker has its humble beginnings in Italy, a European country where more avid coffee drinkers could be found. The Moka pot was invented by Luigi De Ponti and patented by Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. 

The Moka machine was named after the Yemeni city of ‘Mocha’ (1).

The Moka espresso maker is a stove-top or electric coffee maker, made out of metal, mostly aluminum or stainless steel (2), which can brew ground coffee using boiling water.

The pot is made up of two chambers; the lower part contains the water to be boiled. The upper part is where the brewed coffee is collected. 

In-between this chamber is a funnel-shaped metal filter where the finely-ground coffee is inserted. The boiling water, turned into steam, passed across the filter (push through by the created pressure) then brews the ground coffee.

The result is a dark and strong coffee brew (depending on the amount of water) collected on the upper chamber.

Bialetti became a household name for the Moka pot in Italy where it gained popularity ever since. Soon, the Moka coffee maker found its way throughout the world and the name sticks.

What is the best coffee for a Moka pot?

This question has been haunting more coffee lovers for so long. But according to coffee experts, any finely-ground coffee will work out well with this Italian Moka pot.

However, a Moka maker usually generates only around 1 to 2 bars of pressure compared to 8-10 bars generated by electrical coffee makers which brew espresso. 

The low pressure makes the extraction ratio of a Moka pot slightly higher than that of a common espresso machine giving a strong but full-bodied coffee brew (3).

Moreover, Moka pots are a lot cheaper than automatic coffee makers. You can also mix the poured coffee from a Moka pot with sugar, creamer, milk, and any other flavor you want.

7 Best Moka Pots Review 2020

#1 Bialetti Kitty Espresso Coffee Maker 06661, 6-cup 

The Bialetti Kitty 06661 is a stainless steel Moka pot than enhances the flavor of the coffee. Truth to the Bialetti Moka design, the Kitty Stainless Moka Pot is an advanced innovation of the company’s classic footprint.

Bialetti Kitty Espresso Coffee Maker 06661

Moreover, its handle is placed farther than the flame so you can safely pour its content even immediately after the brewing. The distance of the Bakelite handle from the pot is made wider keeping your knuckle safe every time.

The Kitty Espresso Coffee Maker can handle 6 cups, each with 2 fl. oz. You can also use this impressive Moka pot on gas or electric stoves as the base is durable enough and no way can it topple.

You can operate this pot with just one hand allowing you to close and open the lid conveniently with your thumb from the same hand. However, you can’t use this Italian coffee maker in stainless steel with other drinks (such as tea, cocoa powder or instant coffee) as it may clog the filter plate.


  • Wide angled handle which is safer from burns.
  • Compatible with gas or electric stoves.
  • Made from stainless steel.
  • Dishwasher-safe.
  • It’s easy to use and clean.


  • Not made in Italy.
  • Some users complained of the unwieldy lid.

#2 Cuisinox Roma Stainless Steel Stovetop Moka Espresso Maker, 6-cup

The cozy design of the Cuisinox Roma Stovetop Moka Pot is something that could brighten up your kitchen. This espresso maker is sleek and slim and made of stainless steel, even its handle.

Cuisinox Roma Stainless Steel Stovetop Moka Espresso Maker

The stainless steel has a gauge of 18/10 which is thick enough to handle very hot liquid. The vessel has a capacity of 6 cups and when you add milk and other flavors to your coffee, it can easily fill 9 to 10 cups.

The Cuisinox Roma is relatively designed and patterned after the classic Italian method of brewing coffee which is an added feature. The flawless design of the Moka Espresso Maker lets it stand out for use in either gas or electric stove.

Although the Roma is made from thick stainless steel, you only need medium-high heat and less than 4 minutes to have a flavorful coffee.


  • Made from food-grade stainless steel.
  • Made from thick stainless steel.
  • Comes with accessories like an induction base, spare gasket, and a reducer.
  • Very durable and may last longer than other brands.


  • Non-insulated handle.
  • Not the cheapest one on our list.

#3 Aluminum Bialetti 06800 Moka Stovetop Coffee Maker, 6 cups

One of the top-selling Italian stovetop coffee makers of all time is the Bialetti 6-cup Moka Stovetop Coffee Maker. With a classic design and material similar to the original coffee maker of old, this innovative Moka pot is compatible with both gas and electric stoves.

Aluminum Bialetti 06800 Moka Stovetop Coffee Maker

You can also use it in remote locations, such as in camping trips, where you can use charcoal or wood as fuel. The unit is light enough to be carried outside your home.

But it is recommended that you use a little amount of fire when you use wood. This is to protect the upper chamber from heat.

Moreover, the pot is equipped with a safety valve to prevent the Moka brewer from overpressure. The classic octagon shape of Bialetti Stovetop Coffee Maker is also an original design which is maintained to provide easy handling and loading.


  • Lightweight but durable.
  • Made from thick aluminum.
  • With wide-angle and insulated handle
  • Less than 5 minutes of brewing time.
  • The cover has insulated handle for safety.
  • Made in Italy.


  • Not machine washable.

#4 DeLonghi Alicia Electric Moka Pot EMK6, 6 cups

The DeLonghi Alicia is one of those electrical Moka pots that are the favorite of most travelers which don’t have stoves or electronic burners available on the spot. If you are billeted in a hotel and you want customized coffee brewed by yourself, Alicia is a great companion.

DeLonghi Alicia Electric Moka Pot EMK6

This Moka pot creates strong coffee brew which makes it qualifies as a good mocha coffee maker. You can make the finest mocha out of the brew from this Moka pot by preparing a bowl/mug of warm water mixed with cocoa powder.

Then you can pour some of the coffee produced and add chocolate syrup into the bowl/mug, stir, and voila! You’ve got a delicious mocha in less than 10 minutes!

The DeLonghi Alicia Moka Pot is made from high-grade stainless steel lower body and plastic upper chamber with wide-angle and insulated handle. 


  • An electrical Moka pot.
  • With ‘keep warm’ function.
  • The boiler is made from aluminum.
  • With safety auto shut-off features (2-way).
  • Easy to see the brewed coffee on the transparent vessel.


  • Plastic component may alter coffee quality.

#5 Original Bialetti Moka Express 3-cup Stovetop Coffee Maker

If you want to preserve the elegance of the Bialetti Moka pot that was introduced almost 100 years ago, try to own the Original Bialetti Stovetop Coffee Maker. This Moka Express is also a great mocha coffee maker as it brews some of the strongest flavors on your ground.

Original Bialetti Moka Express 3-cup Stovetop Coffee Maker

Primarily made from spotless aluminum, the Original Moka Express is dressed up in the classic Bialetti octagon design that fascinates coffee lovers in nearly a century. The octagonal shape helps in the equal distribution of heat within the chambers which seal the aroma and full-bodied taste of your finely-ground coffee.

The Moka pot has a safety valve that keeps brewing safer and more convenient. This is light enough to be carried anywhere in your house or if you are a frequent traveler, the Moka Express Coffee Maker comes in handy.


  • With well-insulated handle to keep hand safe.
  • Made from high-grade aluminum. 
  • Brewing time is less than 5 minutes.
  • Easy to operate, clean, and disassemble.
  • With a 2-year warranty.
  • Made in Italy.


  • Poor performance on an electric stove.
  • Ground coffee should not be tamped.

#6 TOPS Rapid Brew 55704 Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator, 9-cup 

Probably one of the best stainless steel Moka pots available online, the TOPS Rapid Brew Percolator is a big relief for a large family of coffee aficionados. This stovetop Moka pot is a slender unit that can brew up to 9 cups of a strong coffee.

TOPS Rapid Brew 55704 Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

The TOPS 55704 is a non-electric Moka pot which is portable enough to be brought anywhere. The spotless and unique design makes the pot a nice décor that will complement your kitchen’s ambiance.

If you always have visitors in the house or the office, this Moka pot is the perfect one for you. With a capacity of 2 to 9 cups, it is very convenient to brew more coffee cups in just one sitting.

Moreover, the unit comes with a top glass lid so you can see clearly what is going on your coffee.  The Rapid Brew also comes with permanent cup markings and Permawood handle to protect your hand from the heat.


  • Made from high gauge stainless steel.
  • With a glass cover knob and wooden handle.
  • Best for gas stoves.
  • Portable and light.
  • Non-electrical.


  • Won’t work on electric stoves.

#7 Bialetti Elegance Venus Induction Espresso Maker Moka Pot, 4-cup

The Bialetti Elegance Venus is an excellent choice coffee maker during winter. Its slim body is made from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel which is great in conducting heat even if the surrounding is frigidly cold.

Bialetti Elegance Venus Induction Espresso Maker Moka Pot

You can have your coffee brewed within minutes. The aesthetic design of this Moka pot elegantly adds to the beauty of your kitchen or the outdoors. The glossy aluminum handle and the nylon coated knob is safer than ever even if you don’t wear a glove.

The handle is angled perfectly to give you the necessary grip while brewing. The Elegance Venus has a 4-cup capacity and the pot is best suited for use on induction cookers.

Needless to say, the Bialetti Elegance Venus Espresso Maker provides a balanced and strong taste of the coffee. The safety valve provided keeps you safe while brewing.

The unit can be easily cleaned because the parts are detachable and easy to assemble afterward. 


  • Best for induction stovetops.
  • Preserved the elegant taste of the coffee.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Simply durable and non-corrosive.
  • Made in Italy.


  • Recommended for use on induction hobs.


For those who want to savor the taste of a strong, full-bodied, and self-brewed coffee every day but can’t afford to buy expensive automatic coffeemakers, the cheap stovetop Moka pot is a smart alternative.

And we just picked the two best Moka pots which we think could satisfy everyone’s coffee craving.

First, it’s the Bialetti Stovetop Coffee Maker. This aluminum Moka pot is so light we can carry it anywhere we want. The price is also light to the purse.

Moreover, my kids always like to camp and hike whenever we have time, so we can use this stovetop Moka pot even in the forest. We just clean it thoroughly in and out.

Secondly, the TOPS Rapid Brew Percolator is what we need at home. Its large capacity fits our family.

We hope that these moka pot reviews may help you a lot in narrowing down your choices should you decide to buy one or two of the best Moka pots selling online.

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