Aeropress vs French press: Complete Differentiation for Coffee Lovers 2020

AeroPress Vs French Press

Currently, there are tons of the “Press” style coffee makers available in the online market. However, if you are having confusion between the Aeropress vs French press, this article will surely be a boon for you.

We are here to make things easier for you where you will know the correct differentiation between Aeropress vs French press. Yes, we have spent a lot of time in research and it shouldn’t be a surprise if you will understand the concept, to the core.

So, eager to buy a coffee maker but can’t decide between Aeropress vs French press? Well, come along as we will clearly differentiate between Aeropress vs French press coffee makers.

Design & Durability

First of all, both Aeropress and the French Press offers a simple and sleek design. Also with the kind of simplicity both designs have, it becomes easier to clean and maintain both the coffee makers.

Speaking a little more, French press offers a metal frame, heatproof glass carafe, metal lid, and a metal filter. Such parts are quite durable where you can replace the glass carafe.

Moving ahead with the Aeropress coffee maker design, it offers a food-safe rubber which is durable under pressure. Also, it doesn’t require lots of parts to build where it’s much easier to clean than the French press.

Talking about durability, Aeropress boasts of strongly built parts when we compare it with the French press machine. The parts used in Aeropress can last for years without giving a single piece of the issue.

Ease of Use in Brewing

 Both the Aeropress along with the French press is easy to use and at the same time forgiving in the brewing process.

Let’s start with the similarity first where both the brewers are known as “Immersion Brewers”. Basically, in this type of brewers, the coffee grounds sit down with water for a period of time while getting filtered.

However, the main difference between Aeropress vs French press is that French press can be seen mostly in technique and processed brewing.

On the other hand, the Aeropress incorporates the pressure in their brewing process. With this, Aeropress becomes a lot durable, flexible and can make stunning coffees. Still, the process for using Aeropress is not simply where practising is necessarily required.

The flavour of Coffee and Quality

Now, we are into one of the most interesting section which every coffee fanatic will love. Yes, how does the coffee taste is the thing every coffee lover will be eager to know.

We have got some stunning news for you. Both the coffee makers offer stellar coffees. Indeed, each cup of coffee delivers aromatic, strong and deeply satisfying taste to fulfil the coffee desires.

However, there are some sorts of difference which we would like to share with you.

For the beginners, the metal filter present in the French press helps produce a better flavour of the coffee. Also, the natural oils held back in the French press which boosts the flavour of the coffee.

On the other hand, the Aeropress machine uses paper filters. Using the filters, production of coffees become smoother, rich, bright and of course tasty.

Sadly, there is no natural oils present which doesn’t give enough flavour to the coffee. Still, coffees produced from Aeropress machines are quite experimental.

Here, you can experiment with different techniques and produce coffees of your taste.


Among the fight between Aeropress vs French press, Versatility has to be the biggest matter of debate.

The French Press coffee brewers are good for making hot coffee that packs a punch of flavours. Also, there are great for brewing the cold coffees or even pour-over coffee making is the best it.

About Aeropress? Well, it can brew coffees in multiple ways. Either you can make coffees that are light or brew bold coffees for intense coffee lovers.

However, comparing Aeropress vs French press side by side, Aeropress doesn’t make cold coffees better than French press machines.

Still, with the number of customizations offered by the Aeropress machines,  there are great too for skilled coffee brewers.


Technically speaking, both the coffee makers are manual and don’t need any sort of electric connection. Hence, you can take them with you in any part of the world.

But, here too, there are slight differences between Aeropress vs French press which you must surely take into consideration.

French Press coffee brewers are large in size and come with a built-in breakable glass. Hence, while travelling with French Press coffee brewers, you will need to be extremely careful while handling.

On the contrary, the Aeropress coffee maker is light in weight, small and indestructible. Altogether, it’s a brilliant option for mountain bikes, flights, and valley camping.

In this case, the Aeropress coffee makers are a clear winner as its light, portable and offer extreme durability under any condition.

Aeropress vs French press: Which One to Choose?

I cannot decide which coffee brewer to opt for? Yes, we have heard this question from our readers, over a plethora of times.

Well, if you want a large coffee brewer which offers flavour-packed coffee, you can go to the French Press coffee maker.

On the other hand, for people who love compact coffee maker, good design and love to do customizations, they can inevitably choose the Aeropress coffee maker.

Both the coffee maker comes with their own set of USP and weaknesses. Hence, you can choose the one that suits your needs and choice of coffee making.

Our Recommendations for Aeropress and French Press Coffee Maker

Choosing the best coffee maker of Aeropress and French Press was a tough task. Still, for our lovely readers, we have come up with the best recommendations after a series of testing. 

Among the Aeropress coffee makers,  you can opt for the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso maker. It offers rapid coffee making process where you can make a flavoured cup of coffees. 

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso maker

Altogether, the brewing process on this coffee maker takes only 30 seconds. This is an absolutely amazing thing whereas the coffee maker is available with a nylon tote bag. 

Ranging from the best French Press Coffee makers, the Sterling Pro Double Wall is a fantastic option. 

Sterling Pro Double Wall

This is the best Amazon Verified product where thousands of positive customer reviews are in the bags. 

Right from durability to offering multiple coffee brewing functions, this is inevitably one of the best french press coffee makers in 2019. 

Wrapping Things Up

Summing the article up, we know the thirst of coffee lovers where a clear difference can make things easier for you.

Indeed, people consume coffees on a large scale where the first sip in the morning makes coffee lovers day.

Hence, from the above review between Aeropress vs French press, you clearly know which device is the best fit for you.

Therefore, what you will do now? Well, pretty much one fantastic thing. Choose from a variety of French press and Aeropress coffee filters.

Make sure to incorporate the above points while selecting a coffee filter and you will inevitably choose the best coffee machine, without an issue.

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